The company's industry covers five major industries: textile, calendaring, compounding, surface processing, and finished product manufacturing. Covers all the processes required for the production of composite materials and provides guarantee for customized designs for customers. The company's business covers customer demand exploration, product development, product production, technical services, and provides customers with system solutions.
The base fabric workshop purchases more than 1,000 tons of raw materials based on high-strength fibers each year, and produces base fabrics for various company's finished products through production processes such as rewinding → twisting → weaving. Base cloth of mine air duct series; base cloth of shark film series; base cloth of energy-generating biogas cloth series; base cloth of tunnel air duct series. The workshop has 2 sets of intelligent slitting warping equipment, with high warping efficiency and stable quality, which provides a reliable guarantee for subsequent weaving production. There are 4 two-for-one twisting equipment, which are mainly used for twisting the weft of the base fabric, with uniform twist, ensuring the supply of raw materials for weaving production. There are 32 rapier equipment, which can produce light and heavy base fabrics, and the monthly production capacity can reach 1.5 million square meters.
In 2007, according to the needs of the company's development trend, a domestic advanced plastic calendar was introduced. After two and a half months of installation and commissioning, it was a successful start-up and created a new domestic record of the same equipment installation and commissioning. The calendaring workshop produces all kinds of calendared films. At present, the main product categories are divided into decorative films, single and double anti-flame-retardant films, electrostatic films, water bag films, explosion-proof films, inflatable films, toy films, advertising films, channel films, baby swimming Film, granary film, packaging film and special performance products, etc. The establishment of the calendaring workshop makes our company a rare domestic enterprise integrating textile and chemical industry. Accelerate the company's development process, can complete and ensure customer order submission in the first time. We can design products according to user needs and produce according to customers' special needs.
The laminating workshop has professional laminating equipment and surface treatment equipment with functions such as direct sticking, coating and film sticking. The surface treatment uses the company's self-developed water-based surface treatment agent, which realizes zero emission of VOC from production to product. The workshop has complete production equipment, excellent process technology, and diversified product types; monthly production capacity reaches more than 2 million square meters.
The finished product workshop is our finished product processing center, covering an area of 4000 square meters. It adopts 33m track high frequency machine, hot air blower, Leister welding machine, and self-developed automatic welding spine forming equipment, spiral air duct equipment, large diameter air duct splicing and forming equipment, and some of the most advanced equipment at home and abroad. It has dozens of professional technicians with more than 20 years of experience for more than 10 years, and a professional integrated team that is good at on-site survey, program design, product design, and installation services. Provide professional TBM ventilation pipe products for many large-scale hydropower, coal mine ventilation, tunnel engineering projects at home and abroad, and engineering projects such as biogas, anti-seepage, and awning industry. With an annual output of 5-10 million square meters of processing capacity, the manufacturer of finished air ducts, a professional team, strict quality and safety standards, systematic design and processing capabilities, and a dynamic and efficient team, only for better and faster service for you.
Sales outlets all over the world_
China's provinces and regions; international market exports to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
The company has more than 20 trademarks such as "Juli", "armor", "shark film" and "Juneng". The company has obtained SGS, ISO9001 quality system certification, Deng Bai's certification and many product certification.
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